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Online application for creating,synchronizing and translating subtitles’s free online subtitle editor is a powerful and easy-to-use program that helps quickly and easily create and modify video subtitles.

It’s never been easier to match subtitles to your video’s audio with built-in features.

To create subtitles or translate a video, insert the URL of your file (YouTube, Vimeo, mp4, mov, wav, WebM, flv, ogg or mp3) and click “Create”. Once done, you can export subtitles to SRT, VTT, TXT or DFXP format.

How to create subtitles


Attach a video

in one of the accepted formats: YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Google Drive, Twitter, mp4, mov, wav, WebM, flv, ogg and mp3.


Generate or type subtitles

You can generate automatic subtitles or transcribe for free and place the subtitles manually.


Download subtitles

in SRT, VTT, TXT, DFXP and add on YouTube. You can also choose a font and get subtitles permanently attached to the video.

Editor Features

speed up and slow down the recording

Speed up or skip video parts without subtitles.

share projects

undo and redo changes

(hotkeys and buttons)

quickly split and combine subtitles

(hotkeys and buttons)

Online subtitle editor

App for creating subtitles for video with the WCAG 2.1 standard

Are you looking for a free and user-friendly video subtitle editor? Do you create subtitles for the YouTube platform?

You’ve come to the right place! Our program is used to create subtitles for YouTube videos, but not only. Use the extensive online subtitle creator designed especially for you to make subtitles for online videos quickly, easily and, most importantly, for free.

Our intuitive program for making subtitles for videos will greatly facilitate work on the accurate creation and editing of online subtitles and will work wonderfully when translating subtitles for videos. is the perfect program for translating videos by ear.

What’s more, our program for creating subtitles to online videos allows you to precisely synchronize and match the created subtitles to the soundtrack of a given video. Thanks to our program for creating subtitles, you can easily add, edit or translate subtitles for videos in a few simple steps!

How to start editing online video subtitles

How to add subtitles to an online video? Type in the text you hear and match the subtitles to a given part of the video or for an additional fee generate subtitles automatically.

After completing the process of creating subtitles for your video, download ready subtitles in one of the available formats (SRT, VTT, TXT or DFXP) or download subtitles permanently attached to the video with the selected font and color for an additional fee.

The built-in online subtitle creator equipped with a user-friendly interface will guide you through all the required steps in the process of creating subtitles for a video.

The entire process of creating subtitles for a video begins with the preparation of a script of a given video; immediately after that, the subtitles should be properly arranged and matched to a given part of the video. Creating video subtitles in the program can be done by using just two keys (up and down arrows), when a sentence uttered by a character in the video begins and ends, respectively.

App Features

Automatic subtitles is up to 95% accurate

You get automatic subtitles with proper names and punctuation in most cases. Additionally, subtitles are divided into sentences (2 lines, max. 43 characters), that can be corrected in the editor.

Attach remote and local files

in audio and video formats such as YouTube, Google Drive, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, mp4, mov, WebM, ogg, mp3, wav.

Recognize 29 languages

Translate automatically

into 31 languages

  • Polish
  • English
  • German
  • French

Edit and style subtitles

For the subtitles you create, you can choose the font, color, size and position.

Download easily

Download subtitles in format SRT, DFXP, VTT, ASS, TXT, DOCX (Microsoft Word) or download hardcoded subtitles in mp4 for an additional fee.

Data security is a priority

All submitted projects are confidential. Read more about GDPR and security here.

encryption SSL

Compliance with GDPR

Servers in Europe

API and integration

Easily integrate our app with Zapier or API.

We continuously listen to the needs of our customers and improve our app. See what's new here.

Do you need professional subtitles?

You've come to the right place. We also offer paid services:

  • creating and translating subtitles for videos,
  • voiceover and dubbing for movies,
  • preparing transcriptions of audio and video content,
  • creating multilingual hotline recordings.

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“We used a 30-minute trial account before, and the speed and simplicity of subtitling made us very surprised and sped up the work! After the trial period, we know that we definitely want to keep using your tool."

ZUS employee

“I use your application to prepare subtitles for each film of our initiative. Thank you for such a simple and almost flawless tool(...)”

Luke | Niewidomy płakał jak audytował

“I tried out your online subtitling app. [...] it was a real pleasure to try out your tool. It is so intuitive that you can easily work with it according to the principle that the manual is read as a last resort. The interface is pleasant to use and modern, I really like the ability to translate from both local files and online, and the options for the premium version look very interesting [...]".

Christopher | Technical translator

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Did you know we do translations?

Beyond creating subtitles we also offer written translations. We specialize in scientific and book translations, technical translations (manuals, documentation, equipment, technical manuals).

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Hi! I'm Sebastian.
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Sebastian - Account Manager