Questions and answers FAQ

What is the time it takes to complete the order?

In the case of larger orders, the deadline is shorter. Ask about the pricing.

Completion time:

  • Normal – 5 standard pages per day.
  • Express – 6 – 10 standard pages per day.  We add 50% of the price.

How is the deadline calculated?

  • not including the day of receiving the order
  • not including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
  • not including public holidays
  • from the day after placing the order

* The deadline is always determined before the order is accepted.

When is a certified translation required?

Certified translations are performed when it is necessary to submit the translated documents at offices. These include: documents such as birth certificates, school diplomas, excerpts from KRS (national register of companies), car documents, notarial agreements or court rulings. In the case of such translations, we use the services of experienced sworn translators.

How to deliver the text to be translated to us?

The easiest and fastest way to do this is to use the form ORDER A TRANSLATION.  You can also deliver the translation by post or in person.

Will the text formatting be preserved in accordance with the original?

Formatting will be preserved completely for the following files:
doc, dot, docx, dotx, docm, dotm, rtf, odt, sxw, txt, xls, xlt, xlsm, xlsx, xltx, ods, sxc, csv, pot, pps, ppt, potm, potx, ppsm, ppsx, pptm, pptx, odp, sxi, htm, html, xhtml, xml, xliff, sdlxliff, tmx, ttx, itd, xlf, mif, inx, idml, icml, xtg, tag, dita, properties, rc, resx, dita, sgml, sgm, strings

If the original document has been sent to us in the pdf format, we will try to preserve its graphical layout in the form resembling the original.

Does the Euro Alphabet translation agency issue invoices?

Yes, we issue invoices.